Sunday, December 28, 2008

My vision boards ....

I have been toying with the idea of them Vision Boards and being a visual person myself, I think these boards could help me visualise what things that I want in my life, what I want to achieve for myself. Simply put, these boards are typically poster boards where you paste pictures or a collage of images that you can obtain from magazines.
What's the rationale behind these vision boards? Well when you surround yourself with these images which could be images of who you want to become, where you want to live, what you want to have, where's your next holiday, changes that you want to make in your life - basically it's up to you to create any kind of vision boards that serve what you need at that point in your life. Well that's how I see these boards as and there might be other thoughts on this as well.
But recently I have stopped buying magazines cuz I have not figured out what to do with the magazines after I am done reading them and they usually collect dust in my room. I used to give them to my Mom's girls at work but they are not around anymore. I mean, it will be alot more fun to cut out pictures or images from magazines but am going to be wiser about how I go about this.
Am going to use images from the internet which is free and put them in a collage or 'poster board' style using powerpoint. Then will get it printed and mounted as my own vision boards. That way, I won't have to spend that much money to get the images I want. And with Google Image Search, it's easy peasy. Somebody was telling me that I have to use the exact pictures of what I want to attract for my vision boards. I guess for certain things it would make sense but since these boards are mine, I am not going to be so anal about it (I can just imagine my friend rolling her eyes and freaking out at how carelessly I am going about this *laughs* but it's my vision boards lah!).
So I have started and have two done and will need to print them out soon.
So how will these boards help me? For me personally, by thinking through what I want on the board helps me clarify my dreams, wishes, wants and also my feelings towards these things. Do I really want it? What do I need to do to get it? I am sensible enough to know that just dreaming about these things will not help totally (though I know some of you might disagree) but I think it also helps me think through what I need to do to get them and also prioritise as to what's truly important at different points of time.
If you want to find out more about Vision Boards, just google it or you can start here or here. So wish me luck as I start on this vision board journey ....



Blogger mty said...

I always wanted to do up my vision board as well...wonder if they have these online boards :)

11:34 pm  
Blogger Me, Myself n I said...

Did a quick google and looks like they do have these online on a few sites but just need to find the right one. Thing is, probably need to print it out or have it such that we can see it as often as possible *grins* I experimented mine with powerpoint slide and have printed it out. But realised that one or two werent phrased in a positive manner *laughs* Stresssss ...

2:16 am  

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